Village by the Bay - Amityville


Amityville, NY
Luxury Apartment Comple

The Beth Donner Design team came in to design the amenity spaces and model apartments in this new and elevated multi-unit apartment complex located in the heart of

Amityville, Long Island. The design work included the lobby and entrance, state of the art gym, game area, lounge, two rooftop lounges, and multiple model apartments. The concept was to give it an urban youthful vibe that felt more like a hotel which was welcoming and geared towards millennials.

The original design for the lobby space was corporate looking but it felt cold and needed a fresh and more inviting spin. BDD accomplished this by utilizing wood wallcoverings and wood plank luxury vinyl flooring with carpet insets, built in hospitality stations and a custom mural depicting the history and locale of the town of Amityville which added an authentic touch to a key accent wall. The lighting plan offered a layered quality with strategically placed cove lighting and decorative pendant/chandeliers to warm up the large space. In addition plush velvet swivel chairs with personal cocktail tables define the pool table area. Finally, an eclectic mix of retro modern and contemporary furnishings that utilize texture/leather adds to the cozy feeling of the space.

The rooftop lounge design plan incorporated a similar mix and feel to what was accomplished on the first-floor amenity space. In addition, the design of the staged studio and one-

bedroom model apartment build outs were instrumental in the success of this property. To date, Village by the Bay already has a 75% occupancy and has only been open since December 2020.